Poem in Your Pocket Day

Me: It's April! My favorite time of year! Tulips are blooming, the sun is strong, days are long, AND it's National Poetry Month!

POETRY \ POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY \ Use this FREE resource any time you want a fun way to celebrate poetry!Kids Groan

Me: What? All of a sudden you don't like poetry?

Kid in the Back: Only teachers like poetry. English teachers, to be exact.

Kids Murmur in Agreement

Me: Hey, then why do you get so excited when you see that Out of the Box poetry writing is a Do Now? (I had them there.) And let me remind you of the amazing Socratic seminar and extension activities we engaged in when we read Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay and The Road Not Taken. (I had them there too. They decided to create fictional lifestyle descriptions for the narrator's possible "roads." Then they described their own life-choices and "mapped" what they can do to find their path.)

Kid in Mets Jersey: So who decided it's National Poetry Month?

Me: The AAP, which is the...

Interrupting Kid: Wow. Old people must really like poetry.

Me: That's AARP. AAP is the American Academy of Poets. And if you prefer, we can rename it National Poetry Doesn't Stink Too Much Month as we celebrate.

Future Wedding Planner Kid: Celebrate?! Are we having a PARTY?!

Me: Sort of. We're going to celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day. It's awesome! We are going to carry a favorite poem and share it with others all day long. And we're going to plant poetry in unexpected places, so people will stumble upon beautiful language. Look at these pictures.
POETRY \ POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY \ Use this FREE resource any time you want a fun way to celebrate poetry!

Slacker Kid: Can we use the poems we've already written?

Overachiever Kid: Can we write some new ones?

Sporty Kid: Can I write a poem on a soccer ball?

Animal Lover Kid: Can I write a poem on my dog?

Future Late Night Host Kid: Does he stay still when you write on him? We all laugh.

Wedding Planner Kid: Can I make posters and invite other classes to celebrate?

Cheerleader Kid: Whoo hoo! We're going to make AARP proud!

Me: Yes! Let's make AARP proud...during...National Poetry Doesn't Stink Too Much Month.

Check out this free Poem in Your Pocket Day resource. Enjoy it!
POETRY \ POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY \ Use this FREE resource any time you want a fun way to celebrate poetry!


  1. I really love your blog! Its really entertaining to read and you have so many great resources.
    A few questions about this activity:
    --Did you do anything with your students or challenge them to put poetry around 'unexpected places' or did you just talk to them about how they could?
    --Did you let the students write their poetry on other objects or just stick to the pockets from your TeachersPayTeachers account?
    Anyway, I'm working my way to becoming an educator myself. I have a year left of school before I can have my own classroom. Is there any advice you would be willing to give to an upcoming educator?

    1. Thank you, Hannahbiotics! Congratulations, you're almost there, and teaching is awesome!

      When I introduce students to poetry planting, I show them some photos students have taken in the past. Then I encourage them to find a creative place to plant a poem and take a picture of it for the class to see. Sometimes I make it an optional assignment and sometimes it's mandatory, depending on how much else is going on in the rest of their classes. The kids are wildly creative with their poetry placement, and the class enjoys seeing a slideshow of all of the poems when the photos are in.

      We carry our poems in many different places other than pockets. Most of my students don't wear pants with pockets. They're into leggings, lacrosse shorts, and sweats. I always offer them the cut-out pocket, but only a few take me up on it. Most prefer to carry their poems in other ways. Some carry a poem in their phone case, many of the girls will stick the poem down the side of their Ugg boots, and others will carry it in their sweatshirt pocket.

      When you are ready to have your own class, come back here to get in touch with me. I would be happy to help you get started on your exciting career!

      Take care,