The Digital Interactive Notebook Link Up

If you're using Google Classroom in your school, this link-up will be a treat. If you aren't using Google Classroom, stay tuned, because you probably will be someday soon.

In fact, not only will you be using Google Classroom, but you will also probably be driving a Google car, parking it in front of a Google house, eating food grown at a Google farm, and getting your hair cut by a virtual Google hairdresser.

Okay. So I'm kidding about the hairdresser part.

Google Classroom is new to me, but I am excited to see two main benefits of using it with my middle school students:

1- Increased student engagement.
The interactive nature of a well-designed Google Drive assignment will increase engagement naturally.

2- It maximizes learning time.
I can assign work in a flash, and I can customize it in a flash also.

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