What's Growin'?

I'm teaming up with my favorite bloggers in the Secondary Smorgasbord group to talk about What's Growin' in our classrooms this spring. Just the word spring makes me smile.
At home every spring, I eagerly await days that are warm and sunny. I shop around for those gorgeous seed packets that say heirloom. Because if it's an heirloom it's got to be special right? Like Grandma's doilies.

In my fervor, I collect egg shells, banana peels, and salad remnants, so I can make compost for my garden. Black gold.

Heirloom seeds and black gold. I might just go pro with this, I think. Maybe there's even a greenhouse in my future.

Three weeks pass. The heirlooms are still in their pretty packets. And I'm shopping the gardening center for established plants in 3 gallon pots. My black gold? Fool's gold.

I try to do a better job tending to my classroom garden. Even though this week and next, dealing with state testing is akin to managing a plague of locusts.

We'll be getting ready for Poem in Your Pocket Day, and that will take away the sting of the locusts.  (I don't think locusts really sting, but I like that metaphor. If you are a horticulturist or an entomologist, please don't leave me comments trying to set me straight. It's no use.)

We have so much fun "planting" poems in unexpected places, and finding poems worthy of sharing.

All I can say is that no banana is safe.

Even if the peels never do turn to gold.

If you'd like some ideas for Poem in Your Pocket Day, click on the images for a freebie. Enjoy!

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  1. Poem in Your Pocket is a great idea! What a fun way to share poetry on the run. I also like the idea of writing on fruit- what a fun surprise for the recipient!