Mission Nearly Impossible

This is a top secret mission. 

I'm not permitted to say too much. 

Agent Venus has been issued a gag order from Agent Mars. 

Martian thinks I work too hard. Play too little. Too being the operative word. 

Too many papers to grade. 

Too many weekends writing teaching resources. 

Too many fundraising responsibilities. 

Too many animals to save. 

So I'm on a forced hiatus. I bargained my sentence down to five days. 

Too much sand between my toes. 

Too blue skies. 

Too many margaritas. 
Oh no. A local teacher is in danger. Her classroom is in desperate need of a library...

This blog-post is scheduled to self-destr


  1. So those were your toes with the book! You're so funny. I'm going throught withdrawal- darned Martian!

  2. Congrats on the weekly newsletter spot!