Poetry Makes Me Happy!

After two weeks of state testing my kids are ready to move on. That's right. We're moving on here, people! Moving toward one of my FAVORITE days of the year.

Nope. Not my birthday. Try again.

Here are some clues: It has to do with poetry. I've blogged about it before, but I'm just so darn excited, I have to mention it again!  By now we've studied poetry. We've written some. And now we will share it!

If you guessed Poem in Your Pocket Day, give yourself a pat on the back. 

I introduced it today, and it went infinitely better than the first time I introduced it a couple of years ago. That time it went something like this. 

Me: In a few days we are going to celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day. Have any of you ever heard of it before?

Clueless Little Girl in My Class: I have! Isn't that a saying? Isn't that why people ask, "Is that a poem..."

Oh.  No. Could this be going where I think?

Clueless Little Girl continues: "...in your pocket, or are you ha..."

Ooohhhh nooooo....... Think fast! Faster!

Little Girl: "...appy..."

Me, totally, rudely interrupting Clueless Little Girl in My Class: Happy! Happy! Yes, Poem in Your Pocket Day is such a happy day! Let's talk about how we will share our poems so we can make people happy....

Disaster averted. But let me tell you. I broke out in a sweat. AND I'm sure at least three gray hairs sprouted as I spoke. Maybe five. Yes, I'm sure five.

You've got to love middle schoolers.

Anyway, last year we had a blast. I told the kids that they should share a poem that they carry, and they should plant a poetry "garden."  This means choosing a line from the poem and writing it in an unexpected place. They were really excited to do this, and likened it to secretly leaving a treasure for someone to find. 

A few days after last year's Poem in Your Pocket Day, I was in the bagel store and several of the employees were grinning ear to ear as they told me that kids came in to share poems with them. They shared with bus drivers, neighbors, the principal, and more. It was great fun.

Poetry gardens were planted all over! On fruit, on seashells, and even on the bathroom mirror, written with soap. One student wrote a line on an expensive car. I'm still trying to figure that one out. I suspected it was a Matchbox, but I can't get confirmation on that. I'll try to post more pics later in the week. 

It’s fun! It’s also a great way to celebrate and discuss poetry!

If you celebrate, be sure to tweet and share pictures on Instagram. Use #pocketpoem. And please share them with me on my Facebook page!!! 

I hope there's a poem in your pocket!

Click the image below for a freebie.


  1. I have been mired in testing season formerly know as "Spring" and almost missed this day entirely! I found out about it the day of so I had to just share the concept and my poem. Next year, I will be better prepared and I am so taking your lead to plant some poetry gardens!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

    1. Lisa, I didn't have much time for it this year either. We always seem to have two weeks of testing immediately before PIYPD. Testing has ruined National Poetry Month for sure :(
      How about if next year we' try to remind one another to get moving and squeeze it in early?
      Thanks for stopping by!