February Funnies

You can say a lot of things about middle school kids.

 A LOT of things.

But you can't say they're not funny. Really funny. If a few weeks go by and I haven't laughed until I want to cry, I know it's time for me to loosen up. Get a massage or a bottle of wine or something.

Sometimes there's just one class that gets you going. The class that's filled with future performers from Caroline's Comedy Club. The class that's filled with kids destined to wear lampshades at a party when they're forty.

The story I'm going to tell you was NOT that class. That's what makes this one of my favorite stories. It was as unexpected as Kanye West talking sense. Or being humble.

The reading teacher and I co-taught this class. It was eighth period, and this class was a...unique group of kids. The bell rang and "Harry" was late. Just as we were about to get started, Harry walked in. He was a big kid for 13- a real sweetheart- and I think he probably could have bought beer at the 7-11 without getting proofed.

Harry looked like this:

We rushed over to him, grabbing tissues for Harry's bloody nose. The blood ran down his face and there was a huge blotch on the front of his shirt. Harry mumbled that he was fine and tried to get to his desk, but we insisted he go to the nurse. He couldn't go alone, lest he pass out in the hallway from blood loss. Looking around, we quickly chose a friend to accompany a reluctant Harry to the nurse.

When Harry and friend left, we turned our attention back to the class. They were giggling.

How could you laugh at poor bloody Harry, we asked, appalled.  

The laughter just got louder and more obnoxious. There may have even been some snorting.

Finally, somebody broke down and told us the story behind Harry's bloody nose.

There was no bloody nose. 

Harry put a red pen up his nose. The red pen up Harry's nose chose that moment to explode. While up Harry's nose. 

Let me tell you, we were out of control. Our laughter was loud and obnoxious. There may have even been some snorting.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and the event depicted below happened. I turned around from the board and found Billy with at least six pencils in each nostril. 

It was pretty impressive, actually.

I can't wait for you to read the stories from other teachers who are contributing to the Secondary Smorgasbord February Funnies Blog Hop, brought to you by me and Pam from Desktop Learning Adventures.


  1. As a middle school-turned high school teacher, I can totally relate! But poor Harry and Billy have given me food for thought (and a good laugh). "Keep that pencil!" I'll say from now on.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazingly talented boys, I'd say! Middle school must be a constant adventure!

  3. I think there would have been some snorting in my classroom over that kind of tomfoolery too! Although I can say that I have not seen anyone put anything up their nose in quite some time - so now I am sure to see it next week! :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  4. Darlene,
    Too funny and a reminder of why I was so not interested in boys when I was in middle school. Boys are gross!
    Brynn Allison
    The Literary Maven

  5. Who puts writing utensils up their nose? Ew! I bet you could have a separate blog based on middle school boys alone! My freshman boys were a hoot- I can't even imagine middle school boys! Thanks for the laugh!