Did Somebody Say Sale?

23 February 2015
I'm not much of a brick and mortar shopper anymore. Kids cure you of that. Crowds cause whining. Lines cause whining. Dehydration from dry mall air causes whining. 

And that's just me. The kids are another story. 

But online shopping? That I can do like a champ. And you can bet I will take advantage of TpT's next sale on February 25th. Up to 28% off, and no whining required. 

Take a look at the amazing sellers who've teamed together for this! The gorgeous graphic is by the amazingly talented Danielle Knight.

Danielle Knight (Study All Knight) 
The Classroom Sparrow
Michele Luck's Social Studies 
Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy

Mad Science Lessons 
Juggling ELA
Krystal Mills - Lessons From The Middle 
Teaching High School Math 
To the square inch- Kate Bing Coners 
Charlene Tess 
Pamela Kranz
The Creative Classroom

Kristin Lee
Mrs. Brosseau's Binder 
James Whitaker's SophistThoughts

Darlene Anne
ELA Everyday
Lessons With Coffee
Teaching FSL
Room 213
Lindsay Perro 
Liz's Lessons 
21st Century Math Projects

The SuperHERO Teacher
Science Stuff 
Kate's Classroom Cafe 
A Space to Create

Addie Williams 
Created by MrHughes

Leah Cleary
Secondary Solutions
All Things Algebra
Tracee Orman
Live Love Math

Ruth S.

2 Peas and a Dog
FisherReyna Education
Rachel Friedrich
Linda Jennifer
For the Love of Teaching Math
The Career Ready Teacher 

Mrs S's Health and PE Resources

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