Middle School Nonfiction Books

I'm gnashing my teeth trying to come up with a quick blog post about nonfiction, so I can go read some...nonfiction! I'm finally getting around to reading Unbroken. My son keeps asking me to hurry. He's already read it and he wants to discuss it.

Get that? 

He wants to discuss it. 

With me. Mom.

His mom. 

It's not even my birthday or anything.

People like to discuss books with me. I'm not sure why, but after school I usually have a room full of kids who want to talk about what they're reading. Some of them aren't even my students, but they come in anyway. 

Maybe they're secretly looking for food. I never have any, but I probably look like someone who would have a lot of food around. 

I must disappoint them, so they figure, well since I'm already here, I might as well stay a while and talk about books. Maybe next time she'll tell us where the secret food stash is.

I'm always happy to oblige. Except when a kid I don't know very well asks me a question like Why did the guy in my book go to jail? What does it mean to... clock a john? 

True story. I think I may have pretended there was a violent skirmish in the girls' room, causing me to run in and save the day. 

I am a coward, masquerading as a hero. 

Luckily no one was hurt. Unless you count John.

As I've been saying ad nauseam in recent blog posts, I've discovered a new appreciation for young adult nonfiction. It's a new appreciation mainly because there was nothing much to appreciate before.

So I thought you might like a list of some titles to pick up for your classroom library. I have some more on my Middle School Nonfiction Pinterest board, but clicking on the image will take you to a list of about 20 or so books. 

Middle school students LOVE nonfiction! Check out a this list of good book choices.

Right now I only have about three or four nonfiction titles left on my shelves. That's right. My kids are eating these nonfiction books up. 

Maybe I should start keeping food in the room.


  1. You never cease to amuse me. Thanks for the NF Pinterest board link. Great post!
    Desktop Learning Adventures

  2. I love reading young adult books, including nonfiction! I am now following your board. So excited that the kids are gobbling them up. Thanks for the post :)