Enter an Epic Giveaway to Lift Your Spirits!

I'm snowed in. Well, not really any more, because I dug myself out. But I wish I were still snowed in. Because now my back hurts and I'm cranky.

If this wonderful giveaway hadn't entered my life, promising ELA riches to one lucky winner, I might have felt compelled to call in sick and eat a sleeve of Thin Mints. Then I would be sick.

I keep Thin Mints in the freezer for emergencies such as this one. Emergency crankiness.
Before I tell you about the giveaway, I'm going to vent a little. You can skip the venting and head straight to the bottom of this post if you are strictly here for the giveaway.

But I thought you were my friend. Just sayin'.

For every single snow storm, hurricane, heat wave, ice event, and overall crummy weather day in the history of dangerous weather, I have been by myself. Except for my kids and dogs. Who, mind you, used to be babies. Little tiny ones.

My husband works for a major utility that keeps the lights and modems on in a major city. I won't say its name, because even though you are my friend for reading this, you might send me hate mail due to the major rates they charge. Every friendship has limits. Even ours.

When my firstborn was two weeks old, there was a hurricane. My husband refused to leave us alone... until he made sure the flashlights had batteries. He's thoughtful that way.

We were too stupid to think it might not be a good idea. Even though, mind you, only two weeks earlier I was appalled that the hospital was so irresponsible that they just let me stroll out with a defenseless baby. Poor judgment if you ask me. (Case in point: the hurricane incident.)

Firstborn is away at college now, and nothing has changed re: the husband's job. I'm still the one "in charge" every storm. (Don't even talk to me about Hurricane Sandy, that witch.) So, I keep Thin Mints in the freezer.

Believe me, this giveaway is a bright spot in my cold, snowy, minty life. It was put together by the wonderful Jackie, from Room 213, and the terrific Mary Beth, from Brain Waves Instruction, It has AMAZING ELA resources that YOU can win! For free. Like, just by clicking some keys. In fact, this might be a nasty rumor, but Jackie and Mary Beth told me that each person can get 50 chances to win. And wait till you see the prizes!

 I tell you, if I could enter, I would. It's much better than a Thin Mint binge.

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  1. You've been holding out on me... thin mints in the freezer? No way!! They'd never last around here! ������

    1. I'm not sure why I thought emoticons would work... Hence, the 😳😁😎👍s...

  2. It sounds perfectly reasonable to keep Thin Mints on hand in case of emergency. :) Glad to connect with more secondary bloggers! Fingers crossed that I win!!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle