I'm Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy!

09 December 2014
Leave it to the most adorable nerds on the block, Mel and Gerdy from Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy, to come up with a fun "Mad Libs" style link-up. I just had to try it. But it had to be real, so I did not read through the passage first. You're not supposed to, right? Hey, I live on the edge.

Anyway, I had my son read me the categories, and these are my answers, in all their ridiculous glory. So here goes...

My little monster is my dog, Sunny T., who has taken to jumping on my bed and sleeping with his chin on my neck, thanks to his daddy (who says let him stay, the poor thing is scared and lonely, which is shocking since he gave me grief due to being dead set against getting a dog, blah blah blah.)

The watermelon margarita is because I pretend I live in the tropics. Sad. I know.

The covered wagon is because when I get too many emails I envy the Amish. 

The negligee is what I wear every night to bed. Over my sweatpants. 

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