Secondary Smorgasbord Happy Hour! Free and Fabulous Resources for Teachers

You've worked hard all week. You've got chalk-dust in your hair and two hundred essays to grade, Added to that, you waited too long to get to the restroom, so now some nasty urinary tract bacteria is making a comfy home in your bladder. Again.

Well, it's time for the most incredible happy hour you've ever seen. Because the Secondary Smorgasbord Happy Hour, brought to you by Pam from Desktop Learning Adventures and me, doesn't just promise you a temporary good time that will cost you dearly with a wicked hangover the next day. Nay nay.

You'll never regret stopping by, because we've got some of the very best secondary bloggers in the blogosphere ready and willing to actually help you do your work! They're giving you tips about amazing free resources in every content area, along with links so you can have them too!

What's that I hear? Angels, you say? Angels are singing? Yes! I hear them every time someone offers to help me do my work. Which means I've never heard them before now. Well, there was that one other happy hour...but I think that might have been the tequ...never mind.     
My contribution is my interactive notebook lesson on how to write a short response using text evidence. My middle school kids love it, and they automatically know when a RAPS response is needed. They use the technique in all subjects, and their other teachers love it too. 

I've included a reading passage, text evidence question, and a sample response. That's really all you need to teach the lesson. Beside students, that is. At lease one. 

My students love to use foldables, and they started to call them "foldanizers" because they fold and organize. Kids are so clever and creative, aren't they?
  RAPS Text Evidence Writing in all Subjects

So kick off your shoes, click through, take a look, and enjoy visiting the blogs and collecting these wonderful resources. I promise you won't have a headache tomorrow. Unless you don't like singing angels.


  1. Students love to discuss their opinions, which is a crucial skill. So is learning how to write their opinions and supporting information clearly and concisely. This is a terrific lesson!

    Happy Teaching,

  2. Our students need all the help they can get for organization (and writing). Thank you for such a needed resource!

  3. Love this idea of sharing free materials with our fellow teachers. Thanks for including me!

  4. Thanks! What a fun and fabulous idea!!

  5. Yay! A link up for secondary teachers. Thanks for including me :)

  6. What a neat way to organize information! Great job! And thank you so much for providing a collaborative way to share free materials for secondary folk on top of it all!

  7. I like your term "foldinizer"...did you come up with that?? Great ideas all around on this linkup!

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