Super Secondary Lifesaver Lessons Labor Day Linky!

          The new school year has started, and the book you need for your next unit was supposed to arrive yesterday... but didn't. Or, you need something wonderful to leave with a sub, and you need it NOW! Or maybe laryngitis is making you sound like Bea Arthur, and you want your students to work on something that doesn't require you to do a lot of talking.
         Take a deep breath. We've all been there. The great Super Secondary group is here to help with a Labor Day Lifesaver Lessons blog hop, hosted by the magnifique Tammy from Teaching FSL!
        Sometimes you need a lifesaver lesson; a low prep,easy to use, print and go lesson that will be meaningful to your students. No busywork. When I need such a resource, I turn to this.
        This study tip flip book is so easy and fun to put together that your kids will "flip" for it! Best yet, all you have to do is make the copies!
        The Don't Flip! Study Tip Flip book includes lifelong strategies on how to study. Organization, memorization, note-taking, and more are covered. Once students put the book together, they'll read through the booklet and answer accountability questions about each strategy. 

        I like to use the black-line version,because my students like to take the book home to color. If you're wondering, yes, 12 year olds DO like to color! And they are darn good at it too!
        Here's what it looks like:

Come and take a look!

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  1. What a great idea for making study skills fun! I bet the kids who color their own at home at a lot less likely to misplace it too. I might be picking this up myself, in the next couple of weeks.

    You're the best! I never would have gotten off my duff to set this up without your help and encouragement. (And I love your beautiful blog design!)

    Tammy @ Teaching FSL