Days of Gratitude

In my attempt to find some calm in the end of the year chaos, I decided to start a 7 Days of Gratitude series. I realize that we have set aside a day to show thankfulness, and this is not it. But one measly day a year is not nearly enough. If you think it might be refreshing to consciously practice gratitude right about now, please feel free to join me! Stores celebrate Christmas in July. Why can't we have Thanksgiving in Spring?

Two researchers in the field of positive psychology, Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough, describe gratitude as the ability to be keenly aware of the good things that happen to you and never take them for granted. They say that grateful people express their thanks and appreciation to others in a heartfelt, sincere way.

I would like to begin my 7 Days of Gratitude by thanking Michelle, The 3AM Teacher
Michelle is a talented artist and an absolute pleasure to work with! Somehow, she understood my vague requests, and figured out exactly what I would love. (Michelle may have the ability to perform magic, but this has not been confirmed.)  Please visit her blog, The 3AM Teacher if you are in need of a blog design. I know you will be as grateful as I am.

It is in the spirit of thankfulness that I introduce this freebie:
Warning: this product will leave your colleagues feeling warm and fuzzy. Has been known to cause grown teachers to cry.

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