Poem in Your Pocket Day

It is almost time for one of my favorite days of the the year...
Poem in Your Pocket Day!
Would you like to give your students an opportunity to experience poetry just for the simple joy of it?  The Academy of American Poets designates one day during National Poetry Month to be Poem in Your Pocket Day. The idea is to find a poem that you love, carry it around, and share it all day long with everyone you meet. It’s fun! It’s also a great way to celebrate and discuss poetry!

I also encouraged kids to find a line from the poem and write it in a unexpected place. They were really excited to do this, and likened it to secretly leaving a treasure for someone to find.

Enjoy the celebration! And remember: you can celebrate a local version of Poem in Your Pocket Day on any day of the year!



  1. I LOVE the "poetry in unexpected places" idea. I am a fifth grade gifted teacher in Florida and just found you on Bloglovin' today. I used to have a blog on Blogspot and then re-debuted (I guess that's the terminology) two days ago! My weblog is: love5thgrade.blogspot.com. Have a wonderful weekend!

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