Not Quite Lassie, but...

     My son asked for a dog that could rescue him from a well. He began joking about this when we still had our little Maltese. Let me tell you, if she saw a kid in a well, she'd be much more likely to laugh at his predicament than get help.
     That's just how she rolled.
     Now we have the sweet Sunny T, and I'm on a quest to get him ready for that well rescue.
     Background: When I was a kid, I was addicted to Lassie and Flipper reruns. Lassie managed to get Timmy out of lots of wells. (With all those open wells around, I can't even imagine what the insurance premiums were on that farm.) Flipper was about a dolphin who was the aquatic Lassie. I was certain that as an adult I would be a writer who owned a dog like Lassie, and trained dolphins like Flipper as a hobby. I threw myself into swimming lessons with zeal so that I would be ready to learn dolphin training when opportunity knocked.
     No one had the heart to tell me that living in New York makes it a little difficult to become a dolphin training apprentice.
     My younger self would be shocked to learn that not only would my dolphin dreams fail to pan out, but I would go on to become a teacher instead of a writer. My younger self would be shocked AND appalled to learn that the dogs in my adult life were all small, temperamental types. More diva than Lassie.
    Until Sunny, that is. He is only 11 months old, but he just might be the "well rescuing" type. Watch this video of one of his favorite tricks.

(I know that dogs don't see the full color spectrum, but I identify the toy as "the orange toy." He learned which particular toy I'm talking about.)

      If my students bomb the ELA and the state yanks my teaching license, maybe Sunny and I will head to Sea World to train dolphins.
      When you were a child, did you have any unusual ideas about what your adult life would be like?

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