Poem in Your Pocket Day


            One of my favorite days is almost here! It is time for....Poem in Your Pocket Day! 

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         Poem in Your Pocket Day provides us with a great opportunity to experience the simple joy of poetry! Every year during National Poetry Month, the Academy of American Poets designates one day to be Poem in Your Pocket Day.  The idea is to find a poem that you love, carry it around, and share it all day long with everyone you meet. It’s so much fun! It’s also a great way to celebrate and discuss poetry!                                                       
       Last year, many of my students didn't have pockets, so they had to be creative. They carried their folded poems in Ugg boots or phone cases. A few even  surprised me with poems "tattooed" on their arms!  And they really did share with everyone they met that day: teachers, fellow students, athletic teammates, store clerks...Not one students said it was a negative experience, so we really had a good time with it!
       I also encouraged the kids to find a special line from the poem and "leave" it in an unexpected place. They loved that idea, and likened it to hiding a treasure for someone to find. It's so exciting!

       As always, my plan is to wear jeans with several pockets so that I can carry multiple poems by one of my favorite poets. I'll also have copies available to give away to those who appreciate the poems. I do tend to overdo things a bit. :)
       I should mention that you can designate ANY day to be your own personal Poem in Your Pocket Day. Enjoy the celebration!

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