Meatball Heaven

     As a brand new baby blogger, it's nice to know that I'm not just writing for an audience of no one. Therefore, I was so happy to be nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by the bloggers from these wonderful blogs:

Fun in the Fours      and             Across the Pond

     Fun in Fours says it started in Germany, and I think it's mostly to encourage new bloggers with followings of 200 or less. (I would be thrilled with 200. Or even 15 :)

And the rules are:
1. Post 11 random things about yourself     2. Answer the questions the nominator set for you
3. Create 11 questions for your nominees.
4. Choose 11 other blogs with fewer than 200 followers to nominate and link them to your post.
5. No tag backs, but please leave a comment on this post if you were nominated so I can learn more about you and see who you nominate.
Now for 11 random things about myself.

1. I love green smoothies and drink them nearly every day, even though they look gross.
2. If the sun is shining, you can find me on a tennis court.
3. In reference to #2: I stink at tennis.
4. In reference to #2&3: I'm only competitive with myself, so I don't care if I lose.
5. I love silent movies. Maybe because they require reading!
6. Yoga has made me grow 1/2"!
7.  I'm always extremely sad on the last day of school in June.
8. The Caribbean is my favorite vacation destination.
9. I once rushed to a lacrosse game to watch my son's team, and it took until the 2nd quarter before I realized I had forgotten a curler in the back of my hair. Yup. That was me.
10. I love lacrosse.
11. I write my favorite quotes on bananas. Try it!

Now my nominees: - I am sorry I know I don't have 11. I am working on it, and this is what I have so far:

Desktop Learning Adventures!    Biology Roots   Mentoring in the Middle  Confessions of a Teaching Junkie
The Kindergarten Pod      Creating Readers and Writers     I Mustache the Teacher

Now My Questions from Across the Pond:

1. Do you read before going to bed? Yes, and before going to school, and before going to dinner, and...
2. Do you have a bucket list? More like a 50 gallon drum list
3. A favorite city you would like to visit. Savannah, Georgia
4. What is your favorite expression? "Love what you do, and never forget why you do it."
5. Disco or rock? Rock
6. Favorite beauty product? Lipstick
7. Least favorite thing about teaching? Grading essays
8. Favorite snack? Special-K chips
9. Has blogging helped you? The addiction took hold very quickly!
10. McDonald's or Burger King? I follow #Hamburglar on Twitter.
11. Who would you like to prepare a dinner for?  Ellen DeGeneres and Condoleeza Rice

For all those nominated, make sure that you copy and paste the above instructions (all the way at the top of this VERY LONG post-sorry) and my questions to you on your blog. Don't forget to leave me a comment when you are done! 

     Now for your questions!
  1. Which color reflects your personality?
  2. What is your favorite movie about education?
  3. What book are you currently reading?
  4. Which song reflects your classroom?
  5. Do you have a favorite picture book? Which one?
  6. If your students could only remember one thing about your class, what would you want them to remember?
  7. Which people would you bring with you if you had to be stranded on a deserted island?
  8. You're on the deserted island with all of your favorite people, but you can only have 3 nonessential  objects. What are they?
  9. If you could, which moment of your life would you wear on a locket around your neck?
  10. Which famous person would you bring back from the dead to have a chat with?
  11. Are these questions too hard, and do you want to stab me with a dull knife right about now ? :-)
Good luck to all!


  1. Hi Darlene,
    Thank you so much for the nomination! It's been a crazy, crazy couple of weeks for me, but I've got half of a post up right now. Take a look! I hope to have the rest up later. The challenge will be to find blogs that have less than 200 followers. It seems like I'm drawn to highly-followed blogs? Where are the newbies like us? Do I have time to search for them? I will try!

  2. Hi Darlene,
    I am a newbie to the blogging world, as well. Check out my blog and I look forward to reading yours!

    I Mustache the Teacher

    1. Felicia,
      I am totally intrigued by your logo. Very Mark Twainish!
      I'm on my way to check out your blog right now.

  3. Hello Darlene. I saw a post on the TpT forum about your new blog. I just started mine in December. Congrats on already having 19 followers! (now 20, I'm your newest!) I only have 4, and I think my mom is one of them! Come over and check mine out.

    ✿ Shari
    Keeping It Fresh in 6th Grade

  4. Hi Shari! Your blog is great! I am follower #6!