Can You Pass this 8th Grade Exam from 1912?

Posted by Picasa             Well, if I ever have a chance to time travel to 1912, I will have to decline the offer. This saddens me deeply. I've always loved time travel stories, so certain was I that the past would have been a better place for me. With my modern day sensibilities and good teeth, I grandly imagined myself a force to be reckoned with. Or at least a governess on a grand estate.
            My life-long fantasy would have been to trade places with a Jack Finney character. Maybe I read too many Gothic mysteries during my formative years.
          Not anymore. Now I know that if I went back into the past I would be a chimney-sweep or a charwoman. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
          I say this because taking a look at this 8th grade graduation exam from Bullit County Kentucky makes me realize that I would've had to quit school in 7th grade, or maybe even 6th, to avoid shaming my family- and the entire county- with my pitiful 8th grade exam score.
         Follow the link and take a look at the test. The geography section alone would get me run out of town.  Maybe you'll do better. In fact, let me know if you do. I'll send you my Jack Finney collection.


  1. That was too cool! I was too lazy to get out paper and pencil, but it would have been fun to give it a shot. (maybe later :) ). I think one of my favorite kid time travel stories is Voices After Midnight. Adult version has to be the Outlander series with Jaimie and Clair. Pretty much all the teachers at my former school had read them. Starts at the Scottish uprising-great history lessons and story lines. They're by Diana Gabaldon (I think that's how you spell it.)

  2. Oh my! I'll try it later too - some questions I could do immediately; others would require some thought (and maybe research!)

    1. I think I would need a calculator. Or maybe my laptop! My brain hurts too much to try!

      Let me know how you do with it, Lynn!

  3. I have a feeling you will fare better than I would on that test, Pam! You seem like one smart cookie to me!

    I'll have to check out Voices After Midnight. And how could I forget about Jaimie and Clair? I'm a huge fan! Can't wait for the next installment! But I recently read The Scottish Prisoner and was sorry to be a little disappointed in it :(


  4. How did they take that test without GOOGLE :-)

  5. Haha! How did we survive the dark ages, Bea?