11 Escape Room Benefits, According to Kids

Most of my students made it out of the forest alive.

Whew. 😉

The kids were totally immersed in their escape room activity. They had just escaped the forest and were chomping at the bit to share their experiences. So we charted advice to our future selves about things we can do to be successful during our next classroom breakout adventure.

It only took a second to see that these kids had tapped into something HUGE. Every bit of advice was also a REASON to engage in more escape rooms.

This is when I knew we were onto something with these escape rooms.Not only can they reinforce and/or introduce content, they do so much more! They tap into soft skills that we talk about and encourage every single day until we're sick of ourselves. Or is that just me? 😏

Take a look; you'll be inspired! And scroll down for a FREE classroom escape, as well as a link for tips you can use to create your own breakout.

Escape Room Success Principles 
ESCAPE Room activities in the classroom are awesome! They help kids learn a specific topic AND practice critical thinking, team-building, reading, and writing skills! Kids love to break-out and they love being immersed in the adventure! #breakout #escaperoom #classroomfun #escaperoomgame #funactivites #middleschool

To successfully escape during an escape room adventure, you must...

➤ Read carefully, read everything, and reread.

➤ Work together.

➤ Listen to others.

➤ Follow the written directions. 

➤ Talk out your disagreements to avoid wasting time.

➤ Organize your material.

➤ Go slowly. Rushing doesn't help.

➤ Contribute to the group.

➤ Resist yelling out answers and ideas.

➤ Focus on one step at a time. Don't be tempted to go ahead.

➤ Think outside of the box.

Every one of those success principles is something that we WANT kids to learn. However, saying something and pushing kids to actually practice the skill are two different animals. This self-realization is what will make all the difference the next time such skills are required.

You can use ESCAPE games to help kids learn a specific topic AND practice critical thinking, team-building, organization, conflict resolution, reading, and writing skills! Kids are so immersed in the adventure that they hardly realize they're learning!

If you haven't tried a classroom escape, give it a shot. You will be happy you did.

To create your own escape room or breakout style activity, check out THIS post.

If you would like a ready-made escape room activity, check out the resources below. And HERE is a link to a FREE one!
Your kids are on a field trip run by YOU- the most awesome and creative teacher in the history of the world- when they walk a bit too far into the woods and get lost. Now they must work with their group to solve a series of FUN challenges based on comprehension and steeped with a variety of skills!
This FREE escape room will immerse your students in the activity. They will have fun while practicing important critical thinking and team building skills. #escaperoom #ancient egypt #middleschool #learningfun #breakout #classroomescape

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