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Cultivating Kindness...School-wide!

Would you like to set off a giant wave of kindness that envelops your school? 

Would you like to spread goodwill and gratitude throughout your school community?

Would you like to make teachers, custodians, principals, bus drivers, and cafeteria aides cry?

Tears of joy, people! Tears of joy. 

Yes? Definitely? Let's talk, friends.

10 Ways to Allow Your Students to Save Face

We know that class participation can accomplish many goals as an instructional strategy. In addition to engaging students, participation promotes speaking and listening skills, and can be utilized as a quick formative assessment tool.

The challenge is to get ALL kids to participate. Even the shy and anxious ones. As one articulate 10-year-old said to me, "If I speak up and say the wrong thing, they won't let me forget it for the REST of my life. It's a jungle out there."

It is indeed. So I'm going to share some "fresh ideas" for eliciting participation without kids having to worry about the "jungle."

I'm also linking with some awesome bloggers who are contributing their own "fresh ideas," along with a chance for you win a cool prize!

An Easy Group Work Tip With a HUGE Payoff

        Group work isn't without its challenges. This quick and easy tip enhances productivity, gets kids focused immediately, and gives group members a sense of camaraderie. Your kids will LOVE it, and so will you!
We know that group work can help students develop an important skill set that is essential in the real world. 

However, we also know that group work doesn't always go off without a hitch. There's always one group that doesn't get along and another that's more interested in discussing their latest Pokemon achievements.

You get the picture. 

So I have a little group tip that is quick and easy AND enhances productivity. The kids love it, and it's also the perfect remedy to many of the problems associated with group work.
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