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Promoting Movement in the Secondary Classroom

Make your class more engaging by using strategies that require students to move around. They will LOVE it! #teachingstrategies #secondaryela #activelearning #teachingbestpractice #movement #middleschool #middleschoolelaOur new middle school ELA chairperson was clearly not familiar with middle grade kids.

"They certainly are...wiggly... aren't they?"

Then his eyes widened in mock horror as he leaned over to whisper, "And they pass quite a lot of gas."

Yep. My middle schoolers are wiggly and stinky.

And ornery. And sweet.

Simultaneously. Which is why I love them. 💓

There are plenty of days when we have to teach kids self-control. So I try to let them work out their "wiggles" by incorporate movement when possible. It can be very simple.

While I wish these methods would fix our middle school flatulence problems, I can't make that promise. You're on your own with the gas. ;)

11 Escape Room Benefits, According to Kids

Most of my students made it out of the forest alive.

Whew. 😉
Using Escape Room feedback is the BEST way to inform instruction! What an amazing learning experience! #escaperoom #classroomfun #learningisfun #middleschool #elalessons #elalessonsformiddleschool #schoolpartyideas
Watching their engagement as they immersed themselves in the breakout activity was thrilling. I was so proud of their problem solving and teamwork. Now the kids were chomping at the bit to share their experiences. So we charted advice to our future selves about things we can do to be successful during our next classroom breakout adventure.

It only took a second to see that these kids had tapped into something HUGE. Every bit of advice was also a REASON to engage in more escape rooms.

This is when I knew we were onto something with these escape rooms.Not only can they reinforce and/or introduce content, they do so much more! They tap into soft skills that we talk about and encourage every single day until we're sick of ourselves. Or is that just me? 😏

Take a look; you'll be inspired! And scroll down for a FREE classroom escape, as well as a link for tips you can use to create your own breakout.

Best Advice for Writing Teachers? Use Mini-Lessons

Let's imagine that you're stranded at sea in a tiny rowboat. The weight of all the writing instruction strategies you've got up your sleeve are weighing the boat down, so you've got to throw them all overboard except for ONE.

Which one will you keep?

I'm saving mini-lessons. And I'll never look back.

Why? Mini-lessons, aka focus lessons, are the most effective way of delivering explicit writing instruction for many reasons.

Keep reading to find out the following:

  • What are the characteristics of a good mini-lesson?
  • What are the advantages of using a mini-lesson format?
  • How can they be used in a middle school ELA classes? (I use them despite the fact that our class periods are only 42 minutes long!)
I'm even including a link to one of my most helpful FREE mini-lessons!

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